Posted on December 19th, 2012 at 3:31 AM by Brad Bridges
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Like the rest of the leaders around you, your blog, twitter, and facebook feeds have been full of posts about the losses at Sandy Hook. We took a few snapshots of some strategic resources from Christian leaders as they guide and consult their people, churches, and Christians world-wide.

Tim Keller reflects back to 9/11 and how to Cope with Suffering and Tragedy. One can gain strength during tragedy “by recognizing the problem for what it is, and then by grasping both an empowering hint from the past and an empowering hope from the future.”
[Read more about his ministry HERE.]

TD Jakes’ interview on an NBC about “Searching For God After The Newtown Tragedy.”
[Read more about his ministry 

Jen Hatmaker depicts her reaching the limit of loss and corruptness, yet remembers that “[God] is still here, ruling the world with truth and grace.”
[Read more about her ministry HERE.]

The Malphurs Group’s Brad Bridges shares about spiritual leadership during a tragedy and Susan Malphurs looks at the role of Scripture in personal spiritual formation when tragedy strikes.
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John Piper shares “A Lesson for All from Newtown” to show the corruption of man and a theological realization “to see our souls as depraved.”
[Read more about his ministry HERE.]

The Sunday after the shooting, Mark Driscol delivers a sermon on Matthew 2 about Herod killing a group of innocent children.
[Read more about his ministry HERE.]

Ed Stetzer shares “3 Thoughts (and several resources) for Addressing Sandy Hook At Your Church.”
[Read more about his ministry HERE.]

Through a Christmas prayer letterMax Lucado asks Christ to come to us in light of the Sandy Hook losses.
[Read more about his ministry HERE.]

Rick Warren shares his podcast and some of his sermon notes to reference serving your church during tragedy.
[Read more about his ministry HERE.]

As you run across other helpful resources, thoughts, or articles, please comment and pass them along to us.

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